Views on Mathematics

In my learning of mathematics and initial views towards it, was that there was no way to possibly cause oppression considering the fact that it doesn’t directly attack a person’s views towards their past (like history or social studies might). According to Leroy Little Bear, the “singular, static, and objective” ways in which the EurocentricContinue reading “Views on Mathematics”

Importance of Citizens

In my K-12 learning experience I experienced citizenship in the Participatory Citizen through both parents and students by their contribution to bake sales and attendance at sporting events (driving and watching), and businesses for donations towards the food bank fundraiser that our school held. The Personally Responsive Citizen was observed through teachers for time involvedContinue reading “Importance of Citizens”

Importance of Treaty Ed

Dear Intern, It is important to teach Treaty Ed because it is a recognition or an acknowledgement of what has happened in the past. Donald brought up a view that stated how some Canadians perceive themselves without culture. From this statement, speculation may lead people to believe that there is either little/no First Nation peopleContinue reading “Importance of Treaty Ed”

Reinhabitation and Decolonization

This article places emphasis on how reinhabitation and decolonization depend on each other. From the examples brought forth, it isn’t hard to see that influencing one of these factors affects the other especially amongst first nation people and culture. In an effort to support Cree youth, documentaries were made by interviewing elders and people ofContinue reading “Reinhabitation and Decolonization”

Whiteness Among White Teachers

The main focus of Cheryl Matias’ article ”Check Yo’self before You Wreck Yo’self and Our Kids: Counterstories from Culturally Responsive White Teachers? . . . To Culturally Responsive White Teachers!” is that “white teachers have yet to investigate their whiteness, and those who dismiss this notion of self-examination recycle the structure of race and whiteContinue reading “Whiteness Among White Teachers”

Tyler’s Principle Relevance

Tyler’s theory was based on four fundamental questions: 1. What educational purposes should the school seek to attain? 2. What educational experiences can be provided that are likely to attain these purposes? 3. How can these educational experiences be effectively organized? 4. How can we determine whether these purposes are being attained? There are 4Continue reading “Tyler’s Principle Relevance”

Importance of Common Sense

Common Sense, according to Kumashiro, is simply basic knowledge that everyone should know. Based on Kumashiro’s experience, it shows how common sense is all relative to what is normalized in a given place. To the people of Nepal, “the lecture-practice-exam approach to teaching had become so ingrained in the practices of Nepal’s schools as toContinue reading “Importance of Common Sense”

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