Importance of Common Sense

Common Sense, according to Kumashiro, is simply basic knowledge that everyone should know. Based on Kumashiro’s experience, it shows how common sense is all relative to what is normalized in a given place. To the people of Nepal, “the lecture-practice-exam approach to teaching had become so ingrained in the practices of Nepal’s schools as to have become a part of ‘common sense.” This means to say that common sense is more than just manners, and that it is pretty well every aspect that is seen as normal and what most people do day to day. For example in most North American society: Go to school, get a job, and have kids that will eventually take care of you. This would usually be considered common sense to a lot of Canadian families for sure.

It is so important to pay attention to common sense because it varies depending where you are from, and how you were raised. According to Kumashiro, “different assumptions, expectations, and values to school” are the main reasons why common sense is so relative especially with regard to teaching in a foreign place. For future teachers, it is more important to simply understand that common sense is different for different people; you don’t have to understand how/why, just that it is there or starters.

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